The Many Uses of Pressure Washing Services Sacramento

Did you know that a high-pressure water jet can cut through steel? Obviously you wouldn’t want that for the outside of your house, but it just goes to show you the amazing capability of pressurized water. But it doesn’t end there. Pressure washing services are useful for a variety of projects, more so than you might expect.

If you’re using pressure washing in Chicago you can use those services to clean the outside of your house, driveway, garage floor, deck, fence, outdoor furniture, and more. Even your pool or spa would benefit from a pressure wash, as mold and bacteria tend to build up in pools.

It’s a quick and surprisingly easy way to get rid of stubborn mold, rust, and paint.

While pressure washing is good for almost anything, you’ve got to be careful on certain surfaces. You wouldn’t use the same amount of pressure to clean a car as you would a brick driveway. The high pressure needed for cleaning bricks might damage the paint job on your car.

With that said, pressure washing could be used for all types of surfaces—glass, wood, metal, stone, and fiberglass.

You could even use a pressure washer to clean grease and grime off of your barbecue—just make sure you turn it off first.

If you’re pressure washing in Chicago you could use a low-power washer to clean your boat, RV, truck, or car. It’s a great tool for those hard to reach places, like the underside of your vehicle. Just remember to use a low setting so you don’t damage the vehicle.

Always Shine Window Cleaning is here to help if you’re looking to do pressure washing in Sacramento. If you do choose to pressure wash your home or areas around it, it’s important to have a professional do the job for you to avoid damaging your property. Prime Time Window Cleaning is a professional cleaning service that knows how to best care for your home and property. We’re the number one pressure and power washer in Chicagoland. Visit our website to learn more about our window cleaning and power washing services. Call today to schedule an appointment!

Wedding Etiquette: Can A Wedding Guest Wear White?

Wedding Etiquette: Can a Wedding Guest Wear White?


Is it okay to wear a white or ivory colored dress to a wedding? Most people would say no. One of the rules

you should follow as a guest is to not wear white to a wedding. Wearing a white dress when you are not the

bride is considered disrespectful. Why risk taking attention off of the bride on one of the biggest days of her

life? You also don’t want someone to mistaken you as the bride.


From someone who’s been to over 15 weddings, I have been surprised that at a handful of weddings, I have

seen one or two guests wear white. I’m sure these guests don’t intend to take away attention from the bride,

and they may not realize that wearing white as a wedding guest is frowned upon. If you want to avoid being

that clueless guest that wonders why everyone is giving them a weird stare, avoid wearing white to a wedding.


Even if the bride says she is okay with you wearing white, other guests may find it rude and inappropriate. Think

of all the other festive colors you can wear to a wedding. Also don’t forget to follow the dress code listed on the

invite or on the couple’s wedding website.



There are three exceptions to wearing white:


1. Your outfit is only partially white and includes other patterns and colors.


2. The couple requests that their wedding guests wear white. This is rare but has  happened in the past.


3. You’re a bridesmaid and the bride chose white or ivory colored dresses for the bridesmaids.


That said, save the cute white dress for a different occasion and avoid all the awkward stares and unneeded

attention. If you want to be the best guest, make sure to read, Wedding Etiquette Rules Every Guest Should Know.

Wedding Photography Guide – Sacramento Wedding Photographer

Among the many decisions you have to make for your wedding one of the biggest is choosing your photographer. Once the big day is over, the cake has been eaten and guests have returned home, it’s your photos that will last forever! So, how do you choose? What do you keep in mind when looking for a photographer? Are they really worth the cost? The answer is YES, but Junebug Weddings wrote an incredible article that you should read about your photography investment.

While important, my goal today isn’t to convince you that photography is an investment, but to help you decide how to choose a photographer and to give you a wedding day photography timeline sample to help you plan your day. It can be hard to know how much time to allow for photos and my brides have said my timeline has helped them immensely.

Wedding Ceremony

I have known Alyssa the bride for over 30yrs.  We were childhood neighbors who became teenage best friends.  After H.S. we parted ways and our lives took different paths but we always stayed connected through social media.  It is pretty neat to look back when we were teens and remember Alyssa meeting Andrew actually back on a H.S. trip.  Andrew didn’t go to school with us and actually when he met Alyssa she was way too weird for him back then.  Alyssa used to make her out bell bottoms and platform shoes, lots of earrings, crazy jewelry and hair!   But years later Andrew and Alyssa connected and he noticed that she had mellowed out a bit and got to know her better and realized how amazing she was and actually that they both shared the same interests and had the same future life goals.  They were great supporters of one another and encouraged each other to go further in their careers and also train for long races like marathons and triathlons.

Andrew and Alyssa love to Travel.  These to travel all around the world & have a few trips planned out each year.  They live as minimalists so that they have funds to see the world and explore it together.   Andrew actually proposed to Alyssa in Madagascar on the side of the road as they sit parked next to their bikes as they wait for a ride as the sun was setting.  They were told that this road was bikable but it was unpaved & to hard to bike.  They were both kind of stressed because that part of the outer city was dangerous as night and so things weren’t going as planned.  But Andrew though hey this is the perfect time to propose.  He made ring out of grass and popped the question.  It was perfect!  And this adventure went down in one of the best adventures they have had together & I know they will have many more crazy and fun times traveling together.

It is so amazing to watch them love one another and it is so obvious they are so comfortable with just being themselves when they are together and they both celebrate their individual corkyness and sometimes weirdness.  They love deeply and I wish them many many years of happiness and of course many more years of exploring the world together!

Sacramento Kitchen Remodel

The countertops are one of the premier features of any kitchen. If you want to love the kitchen in your home, you’ll need to love the counters. Without the right counters, even a kitchen fitted with all the latest and greatest gadgets is going to fall short of expectations.

When you decide that a kitchen remodeling project is on your agenda, picking out the right counters is going to be one of your top priorities. The best kitchen remodels all use excellent countertops to bring the whole design together, and yours should be no different. Of course, if you feel that you need any help planning your kitchen remodeling project, America’s Advantage Remodeling is here to assist.

For some quick advice on how to wind up with the right countertops in your new kitchen, please review the ideas below.

It All Starts with Material

Before you think about the color of your counters, or how that color will play with the rest of the space, you need to think about the material that you are going to select. Granite is the leader in the market, and for good reason. It looks beautiful, it comes in a long list of colors, and it holds up nicely over the years. If you choose granite, you are unlikely to regret that selection.

With that said, you don’t have to automatically choose granite. There are plenty of other options on the market, including marble, quartz, tile, and more. There are even some DIY kitchen countertops made from wood. Each material is going to have its own pros and cons, so be sure to do your research before making a selection. Of course, if you need any help with the pick, contact America’s Advantage Remodeling right away.

See the Big Picture

Beyond the material you decide to use, the color of your countertops is another important issue. When selecting the right shade, you will want to keep in mind the big picture of your overall kitchen design. It is okay to have the counters stand out, but you don’t want them to be so ‘loud’ that they take away from the other elements in your design. If you decide to have the counters serve as the main visual draw in the kitchen, be sure the other pieces of the puzzle fit nicely into place.

Plenty of Space

You don’t want to skimp on counter space. When your remodel is complete, it would be a shame if you were left thinking that you should have installed more counters. It seems that counter space is always in high demand, so err on the side of having too much rather than not enough.

America’s Advantage Remodeling is proud to have completed some of the best kitchen remodels in Sacramento, and we’d love to bring our experience into your home. We’ll work together with you to bring the project to life, one piece at a time. Please contact us today for more information on what we can offer your upcoming project. Thanks for reading!


Fast SEO Sacramento

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Sacramento Wedding Photographer & Videographer

I will always remember the feel of the smooth red leather on my parents wedding album; the thick whitepages with protective clear lining in between; the tiny vintage photo corners that held each image captive. I loved flipping through those large album pages as a kid. It’s like I was there at the wedding and my mom was truly smiling at me through those photos. That radiant smile in black and white I’ll never forget.

As wedding industry professionals, those are the types of moments we want to create for our clients: be it their kids, themselves or their parents. Strolling through memory lanes and bringing back memories that should not be forgotten is important. While video and photography go hand in hand in preserving memories, today we’d like to focus on photography and introduce not only a dear friend of our company, but also a truly skilled artist. Sergey Bidun has been a photographer for an extended time and if he would change careersthe photography industry would be at a disadvantage! We’ve interviewed Sergey and find it valuable to share with our readers. So, grab a cup of coffee and get comfortable.

Sergey, please introduce yourself.

I’m Sergey, and I live in Sacramento with my wife and kids. I love cycling and traveling, but spending time with family surpasses it all. Wedding and portraits photography has been my career for the last decade. 

Where do you get your inspiration from?

My inspiration comes from different sources: my family, places I visit, people I meet, and especially creative work of fellow photographers.

What are your favorite places to shoot?

Each photo session that I do requires hours of preparation, including finding perfect location. Some of my favorite local sites are Old Sacramento/ Downtown area and Folsom Lake area. Lately, creative portrait sessions in the studio have been my favorite as it gives me full control of lighting conditions.

How did you get started in photography?

My interest in photography goes back more than twelve years. I received a simple camera from my dad and started taking photos of anything and everything. After submitting a couple of images online for contest, I received positive feedback and decided to keep shooting! At first, I was mostly shooting landscape and nature photos, but soon moved on to weddings and families. I currently specialize in professional portraits, commercial photography, as well as wedding photography. 

With all the changes in technology what is one unique feature you provide for clients?

With rapid changes and upgrades in technology, I still strive to provide my clients with physical prints, in addition to the digital images that they are receiving. In our digital world, I believe it’s so important to have printed products such as albums and photo prints. 

What tip can you give to brides to get the most out of their wedding?

The most important tip I can give to the bride on her wedding day is to relax and not stress out. Sometimes, the bride can take on too many responsibilities and that will keep her from enjoying her wedding day to the fullest. My advice to all the future brides is to be yourself and enjoy every single moment of your Big Day. 

If you were not capturing stories through photos, what do you see yourself doing?

If I wouldn’t be photographing people, I would probably be working as an IT technician. I went to school for computers and programming, but changed my career path to photography after discovering my passion for it. 

Thank you Sergey for your time!  If you still need a photographer for your special day, don’t hesitate to connect with Sergey.

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sacramento wedding videographer

Wedding videography in Sacramento is big business as there are different venues that can be used for the celebration. The city boasts of iconic features and various points of interest that are suitable for the ideal wedding. Wedding videographers line up in their numbers to offer their services to those who want to tie the knot in this serene location. Videography enables individuals to create special memories and be able to access the clips in future. Sacramento is a viable destination for weddings and a boost for the wedding videography industry. let’s indulge.

Wedding videography.

In this city, you can find professional wedding services to suit your needs. Be it a cinematic look or a more contemporary aspect, there are professionals who have services tailor-made to capture stunning images and videos to commemorate this exciting chapter in life. Basically, a wedding
videography service will photo snap the event, record moments and capture a wedding uniquely.

City of wonders.

Wedding videography Sacramento can be best described by the aura the location brings to foster wedding videography. The Sacramento and American Rivers’ convergence facilitates an environment for entertainment. In this case, a memorable wedding along the beach that is professionally documented. The stunning view surely makes up for the overwhelmed couple. Another iconic feature is the Tower Bridge, across the Sacramento River, which lights up beautifully at night to create a striking ambiance. Think of a yacht wedding in the evening and you have the perfect spot. The city also has its history well protected. The Old Sacramento, with the efforts of several parties, has been maintained to safeguard its narrative and act as a touristdestination. This city has all the right places to celebrate newlyweds.

Wedding videography has the necessary framework in place to enable it to grow and prosper in the city of Sacramento. This city is the right place to tie the knot.