Wedding Ceremony

By | 21.01.2019

I have known Alyssa the bride for over 30yrs.  We were childhood neighbors who became teenage best friends.  After H.S. we parted ways and our lives took different paths but we always stayed connected through social media.  It is pretty neat to look back when we were teens and remember Alyssa meeting Andrew actually back on a H.S. trip.  Andrew didn’t go to school with us and actually when he met Alyssa she was way too weird for him back then.  Alyssa used to make her out bell bottoms and platform shoes, lots of earrings, crazy jewelry and hair!   But years later Andrew and Alyssa connected and he noticed that she had mellowed out a bit and got to know her better and realized how amazing she was and actually that they both shared the same interests and had the same future life goals.  They were great supporters of one another and encouraged each other to go further in their careers and also train for long races like marathons and triathlons.

Andrew and Alyssa love to Travel.  These to travel all around the world & have a few trips planned out each year.  They live as minimalists so that they have funds to see the world and explore it together.   Andrew actually proposed to Alyssa in Madagascar on the side of the road as they sit parked next to their bikes as they wait for a ride as the sun was setting.  They were told that this road was bikable but it was unpaved & to hard to bike.  They were both kind of stressed because that part of the outer city was dangerous as night and so things weren’t going as planned.  But Andrew though hey this is the perfect time to propose.  He made ring out of grass and popped the question.  It was perfect!  And this adventure went down in one of the best adventures they have had together & I know they will have many more crazy and fun times traveling together.

It is so amazing to watch them love one another and it is so obvious they are so comfortable with just being themselves when they are together and they both celebrate their individual corkyness and sometimes weirdness.  They love deeply and I wish them many many years of happiness and of course many more years of exploring the world together!

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