Meet the crew!

Jason Holzworth

Hello Everybody! I am Jason Holzworth, the owner of Jason Holzworth Photography. I want to introduce myself to you, give you a little history about myself, and introduce you to my assistants as well.

In 2002, I had the opportunity to go on a missionary trip to the Dominican Republic. I was really intrigued by this opportunity and actually thought that I would experience some sort of personal revelation through it.

Before I left on the trip, I purchased a point and shoot digital camera to take along. I thought that I may want some photos to remember the experience. On that trip I did not have a spiritual revelation and despite doing good works, I left a bit disappointed.

However, when I started showing my friends, family, coworkers and even strangers the photos from the trip, they were blown away! The images that I brought back told a story that I didn’t realize I had captured. This is where the seed of photography was first planted in my life.

The seed continued to be cultivated that year as I traveled thousands of miles across the United States photographing landscapes and nature as I saw it. As I continuously won awards for my photography, the seed kept being fertilized. I not only discovered the joy of what images can bring to people, but I also realized my passion to create it.

In 2007, I began shooting weddings. From the beginning of this endeavor, I have brought every bit of passion and creativity that I possesses to each photo. I am always looking at ways to incorporate my clients as well as the environment around them for a perfect shot.

My revelation has become known to me, as my passion is no longer my own, but one that I share with my clients. I blend photojournalistic and traditional styles of photography to create extraordinary images that my clients will cherish for the rest of their lives.

Amanda Mattingly

I am Jason’s sidekick! When I’m not fetching his water or the camera bags, I am doing the job I love. Weddings are so exciting and I love being able to take part in such a monumental day!

For as long as I can remember I have loved photographs and capturing memories. Being able to depict one moment and tell a story with just the close of the shutter is very fascinating to me.

In 2008 I graduated from KCTCS with an Associate Degree in Commercial Photography. I worked for Jason as my internship and then he hired me onto the team! Currently I am pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication at IUS.

Other than photography and weddings, I enjoy writing, art, weather, good music, and travel. Oh, and yes, people tell me I look like Kirsten Dunst all the time.

Tiffney Smith

I was born and raised in southern Indiana. I am currently a student studying physical therapy and will be graduating in May 2010.

I took an interest in photography at the age of 9. Since then I have found the beauty in experiencing life’s greatest treasures and capturing the moments that make life special. Photography has been my form of relaxation and creative fulfillment. I have found a great teacher and mentor in Jason, I continue to learn and grow everyday.